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Inclusion – The Basics

Inclusion – The Basics


This workshop offers a broad survey of the principles and practices of Inclusion in education: the sensory-motor model of development, its relation to the brain, and the foundation of relationship-based education.


Teachers will learn how they can support children based on three simple steps: engage – observe and partner with children; reflect – organize and deepen knowledge and insight; and plan – generate specific goals and strategies to help children make positive progress. The session will illustrate how inclusive perspectives help teachers improve their effectiveness at serving all children, promote mindful, intentional teaching, and also help to build a bridge between general early childhood education and early childhood special education. The effectiveness of this approach for all children, regardless of kinds or levels of challenge, will be emphasized.


Teachers will also gain valuable insight about how to turn goals and strategies for supporting children into exciting curriculum and experiences that benefit everyone, and how to build networks of support with families, other educators, and health practitioners to create a more holistic approach to caring for our communities.


Participants in this workshop will learn:

  1. How knowledge of sensory integration, motor planning, and brain development guide inclusive perspectives and practices;

  2. New tools for observing, assessing and supporting diverse learners and groups of learners; and

  3. A specific system for  planning and implementing support of children with challenges.