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Mindfulness in Education – What the Growing Movement is Really About


Schools across the county have recently invested energy and effort into mindfulness programs to help children regulate, get along with each other, and maximize learning. The results, we are told, are very promising. But what is it? Is it more than meditation? How does it help?


This workshop will survey the brain and body science that inspired the mindfulness movement, its goals and methods, and the importance of its many benefits. Participants will learn why the cutting edge of education is centered around regulation, and how young children can benefit from understanding their own minds.


Participants in this workshop will also learn:

  1. Why regulation is so crucial to learning and behavioral success in school and beyond;

  2. How techniques and practices of mindfulness can help condition the body and brain to function at their best; and

  3. How children, parents and families can apply principles of mindfulness to family systems.