Inclusion and Emergent Curriculum

Where Individual Support Meets Creative Curriculum


Educators have had to keep pace with many big developments over the past decades. Two threads in particular – inclusive support of individuals and emergent, project-based curriculum – have suggested new ways to think of children and the classroom. Do teachers have to learn two new ways of doing their job? Do these new approaches work together or pull in opposite directions?


This workshop will survey the ways in which inclusive plans of support and emergent curriculum projects can lock together and draw upon existing basic best teaching practices. It will explore how both of these inquiry models can integrate and focus the job of teaching while increasing program quality and effectiveness.


Participants in this workshop will learn:

  • the research and developmental basis of inclusion and emergent curriculum;

  • inquiry systems that drive both models and can work together; and

  • how to use observation, assessment, planning, and collaboration to coordinate services to individual children, curriculum planning, and program assessment.