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September 2000 – Present

Selected Lecture and Workshop Topics

September 2000 – Present


  • Making Inclusion Work: Supporting the Family-Teacher-School Partnership
    Support forFamilies Information and Resource Conference
    San Francisco, CA, March 2014


  • Creating Inclusive Environments for Infants and Toddlers
    Skyline College SpEd
    San Bruno, CA. April 2013


  • Creativity in Education: What are We Talking About and What do we Mean?
    CPS Lecture #71
    San Francisco, CA. March 2013


  • The Canvas Project: A Simple Way to Introduce Projects to Toddlers
    San Jose, CA. March 2013


  • Including One, Including All: From Supporting Children to Future Directions in Early Childhood Education
    Keynote Address, Focus on Inclusion/Accent Sur L’Inclusion Conference
    New Brunswick, Canada. February 2013



  • Disability, Diversity, and Developmentally Appropriate Practice: Hands-on Ideas for Supporting the Complex Contemporary Community of Children and Families

    Atlanta GA. November 2012


  • Child, Family Community: Understanding and Supporting Children with Challenges in a Diverse Community
    San Diego. March 2012.


  • Engage, Reflect, Plan: Relationship-based Tools that All Teachers Can Use to Support Children With Challenges
    Long Beach, CA. March 2011.


  • Making Inclusion Work: Supporting the Family-Teacher-School Partnership
    Support for Children With Disabilities Information and Resource Conference
    San Francisco, March 19, 201


  • We are More Alike than Different
    Montessori Children’s House, Pacific Primary
    February/March 2011 (parent education and staff training)



  • Relationship-Based Inclusion: A Guide to Building Mindful Relationships with Children
    Phoenix, AZ. May 2010.


  • Including One, Including All: Relationship-based Inclusion and the Diverse Needs ofChildren
    NAEYC national conference
    Washington, DC, November 2009.


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