Todd Wanerman Educational Consulting is proud to offer a range of services that can be tailored to your needs for program support and development:



Single session presentations for teachers, administrators and families focusing on support of children, curriculum design and many other topics, drawn from decades of actual classroom experience. (Please see our Lectures and Workshops page for examples).



Half or full-day trainings designed to mobilize your staff and program’s existing strengths through interactive, hands-on collaboration.



Flexibly scheduled meetings, planning sessions and research projects to address specific program needs – from staff development to support plans for individual children to environmental design or even educational policy decisions.


Teacher Training Programs:

Short, mid or long-term courses of meetings, lectures, workshops and educational curricula designed to guide staff towards individual and program development through self-study and reflection.

All of the services provided by Todd Wanerman Educational Consulting are based on three concepts:


In partnering with clients, the emphasis is on listening and learning.  All our resources and skills are applied to your strengths and style, and your individual circumstances and needs.



25 years of experience creating inclusive supports for individual children, families and classrooms, as well as curriculum and program design, guide our services. Finding the most effective connections between all these perspectives is the key to creating customized and effective plans.


Got challenging kids? Whether you are a parent, teacher, or administrator, I can help your create a plan that benefits individual children and also strengthens the quality of your teaching and your entire program.


Got curriculum questions? I can help you make your classroom more creative, systematic, and effective by working with individual teachers’ strengths and styles. My approach is based upon respect for teacher autonomy and freedom.


Got to connect? Inclusion offers teachers, administrators, service providers, and policy makers a chance to come together in the joyous work of creating networks of support. I can offer resources to help you ground your work in a supportive environment for everyone.


By learning about you as an individual, and finding just the right combination of approaches, Todd Wanerman Educational Consulting can help you build solutions to your needs or challenges that address your unique circumstances and, most importantly, that actually work!