What Families Can Learn from Teachers (and what they can't)

A Workshop for Families


How do those amazing teachers do it? They seem to have endless patience and an unwavering and positive perspective, and they possess magic tools that can soothe children and make conflicts evaporate! What’s more, they have endless creative ideas for play and learning. How can you be more like them?


This workshop for families will examine some of the reasons (which are very clear and understandable) that explain why teachers seem to do effortlessly what parents and other relations struggle with. Families will learn some of the basic dispositions and specific teaching tools that can be easily imported to the home.


Participants will also learn why teaching and parenting are distinct jobs, and why children need them to be that way. The workshop will survey the specific ways in which family members can’t be like teachers, why they shouldn’t be teachers, and how to best apply not just the differences between home and school/care, but the relationship between them as well. Participants will learn:


  • the brain science of the family-child relationship, and how it guides parenting;

  • which elements of a classroom are a good fit for the home (and which are not);

  • what children need from families that they don’t get from professionals;

  • what key teacher tools and practices families can learn from teachers; and

  • what really matters for families, professionals, and the relationship between them.