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All children deserve the highest quality early childhood education.  Todd Wanerman Educational Consulting draws upon 30 years of classroom teaching, adult education, and publications to offer uniquely tailored services in many forms:


  • Coaching

  • Consultation

  • Workshops

  • Teacher Training Programs

  • Lectures


We build individualized, trusting relationships to tailor our services to your needs.  We can help you understand and articulate the ideas, AND put them into action!

"I've walked away from Todd's workshops and his writing with both practical ideas for my classroom and renewed confidence in my practice."


Preschool Teacher/Administrator

"Todd was able to meet each teacher in our group at our level of comfort, and with poise moved us forward on our journey towards learning the Project Based Approach."


Preschool Teacher

"Todd’s guidance and knowledge helped me integrate the Project Based Style with the Creative Curriculum we already utilize in my district. Through the whole process, Todd was very welcoming, understanding and accepting of all the different needs of group members."


Preschool Teacher

"Todd is an extraordinary teacher - his broad experience combined with his academic background and generous spirit make him uniquely prepared to advise and support early educators in creating exciting learning environments."

Physical Therapist

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